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Private School Playground 100% CD

Collaborator: RHI 

Clients: Private Religious Institution 

Location: Falls Church, VA | 2018

Position: Landscape Designer 

A mentor once told Dorsa that a comprehensive construction document set is equivalent to a piece of art... This is something that has stuck with Dorsa since her early years and experience in the field of landscape architecture and design. Conceptualizing and designing a space is only as powerful and successful as the developed construction documentations and specifications. This key element was evident in Dorsa's participation of this private school playground in Falls Church, Virginia. 

Dorsa began working on this project at the 35% Construction Document (CD) phase and saw it through to 100% CD. A unique aspect of this project was ensuring accessibility on a steep terrain slope, while maximizing the program and play space for the children. Though the project scope is simply a Playground, the challenging topography required an highly engineered space with multiple retaining walls typologies, stairways and an expansive ramp system. 

Rights to the above graphic documentation are owned by clients and collaborators.

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