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Dorsa Afsharjavan

Landscape Engineer . Designer . Project Facilitator

Born and raised outside of Washington, DC as a first-generation Iranian-American, Dorsa grew up in a community of designers, engineers, artists, builders, producers, leaders, and serial entrepreneurs. Her rich upbringing full of international culture, travel and opportunities allowed Dorsa to view her environment from a worldly and holistic perspective.


Her interest in the arts and the built environment led her to obtain a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Maryland with a Minor in Sustainability Studies and an Arts Citation. Through a multitude of professional positions and global projects with renowned companies: Enea, LSG and RHI, Dorsa continued her studies with a Masters of Landscape Engineering and Environmental Sciences, graduating at the top of her class from the Czech University of Life Sciences.


Dorsa has traveled extensively and has lived and worked in Washington, DC, Miami Beach, FL,  Monteverde, Costa Rica, Prague, Czech Republic, and Zürich, Switzerland. 


Her expansive portfolio and clientele ranges across the globe at different scales and scopes both in the public and private sectors. Throughout the years, Dorsa continuously found herself wearing multiple-hats while excelling in leadership and project management positions, eventually sparking her passion for entrepreneurial business and project management.  

Dorsa's passions lie within innovative design solutions, community development, traveling, eating street food, attempting to surf, diving,  discovering new music, and spending time with her family and friends - wherever they may be! 


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