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Certosa, Venice Island Competition 

Collaborator: Enea GmbH, Monoplan 

Clients: City of Venice  

Location: Certosa Island - Venice, IT | 2017

Position: Landscape Planning Consultant 

Dorsa worked as a planning consultant to Enea GmbH for this winning Venetian Island Master Plan Completion. After several years of development proposals, the City of Venice put a call for proposal  for an urban retreat which would become a global destination for both local residents of Venice as well as visitors. Part of the masterplan required circulation and accessibility studies, surface water management, density studies, agro-tourism, developing ecosystem typologies, as well as programs which would enhance the island financially and culturally, while connecting to existing programs, amenities, and public services in greater Venice - the proposal needed to fit into the much larger cultural narrative associated with Venice. 

The proposal primarily focused on the 5-star 7 Pines resort and spa, while reestablishing the existing marina and sailing school as a local Venetian destination. The proposal also connected the island to a series of biking and agro-tourism efforts the a re-introduction of historical vineyards which once ran through the 24 hectare site currently succumbed to lagoons and invasive flora and fauna. 

Dorsa traveled to Zürich several times throughout the project timeframe to collaborate with Enea and Monoplan on the proposal. Her primary focus was on the site analysis, historical research, storytelling and mood boards, the master plan, public and private program development, and production of the final masterplan, site sections and detailed hotel landscape design deliverables. 

The private programing designed by the team included an entrance plaza, grand promenade, amphitheater, marina, sailing school, retail, sculpture garden, and public eco park. The private development included designs for a 5-start hotel. The hotel proposal included a central courtyard with drive-in boat access, a vegetable garden and outdoor dining area, a vineyard with agro-forestry influence, a world class spa with an aquatic courtyard, a meditation and fitness garden, private villas with independent terraces, a private beach club, and helipad. 

The island proposal was selected by the City of Venice in 2018. 

Rights to the above graphic documentation are owned by clients and collaborators.

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