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The Oaks, Prauge

Collaborator: Enea GmbH

Clients: Decimus Real Estate Group London, Chapman Taylor, Richard Meier, John Pardey Architects, McGarry Moon  

Location: Nebřenice, CZ south-east of Prague | 2016-2018

Position: Landscape Planing Intern ('16), Design Consultant ('17-'18)

Dorsa began working on The Oaks as a landscape planning intern in 2016 at Enea GmbH in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland. With her unique background as an active Prague, Czech Republic resident, Dorsa worked closely with the design team at Enea on the master planning and design development of this 140-hectare country estate outside of the city center. The vision of Oaks was to promote modern living in the heart of the Bohemian countryside.


The master plan includes multiple apartment and housing complexes designed by internationally renowned architects including Richard Meier, Chapman Taylor, and McGarry Moon (to name a few), a 5-star hotel and spa, central town pavilion, heritage park, an elementary school, community garden, tennis courts and PGA National golf course designed by Kyle Phillips. 


Dorsa worked hand in hand with the interdisciplinary team to develop the master plan while focusing on project development and construction phasing, sustainable and low impact design solutions, and the promotion of ecosystem services in the development of the historic countryside estate. As the project timeline progressed, Dorsa continued her work as a consultant to Enea, workin on design details including a breakdown of smaller-scale landscape design for the public, private and residential amenity spaces. 

Rights to the above graphic documentation are owned by clients and collaborators.

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