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Silver Spring Streetscape Standards 

Collaborator: RHI 

Clients: Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission 

Location: Silver Spring, MD | 2018

Position: Planner 

Dorsa worked with the Urban Planning team at RHI to analyze, propose and design the 2019 Silver Spring Streetscape Standards for Silver Spring, MD. The scope of work included an analysis of existing streetscape conditions, and suggestions to the State Planning Commission on ways of improving the citizen's experience by setting unifying standards for the outdoor public and private spaces in the Central Business District (CBD). Previous standards for this international neighborhood in Montgomery County was dated back to 1992, and was not reflective of the rich cultural demographic that Silver Spring has come to be known for today. 

The final published document contains text and supporting graphics to describes the concept, materials, construction details and specifications for suggested trees, shrubs, pavers, furnishings, lighting, and public art in the district. The standards were designed to be used by public and private developers within the given region. 

Much of Dorsa's participation was pertaining to the selected planting requirement and plant list, as well as the implementation of low impact development (LID) or best management practices (BMP) and stormwater management through the introduction of curb cuts, permeable pavers, continuous soil panels and rain gardens.  

Rights to the above graphic documentation are owned by clients and collaborators.

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