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Pine Tree Drive Landscape Design

Collaborator: Intradesign Studios

Clients: Private Residence  

Location: Miami Beach, FL | 2021

Position: Landscape Designer 

Dorsa collaborated with Intradesign Studios to expand their company's landscape design services with a series of projects located in Miami and Miami Beach. Dorsa assisted with the Phase 1 design of this property and Intradesign completed the final execution.   


Dorsa consulted on the overall layout and design of the outdoor areas of this property including a new driveway, front garden and back yard design. The space was curated for the needs of a young Miami Beach couple including designated play areas for their children and low maintenance plant selections. 

The graphic representation and presentation of the proposed design prepared by Dorsa was integral towards the client's sign off on the proposed scope of work.  

Rights to the above graphic documentation are owned by clients and collaborators.

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