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Long Bridge Park + Aquatics Facility 

Collaborator: RHI 

Clients: Page, MJMA, Coakley Williams Construction, Arlington County

Location: Arlington, VA | 2018

Position: Landscape Designer + Junior Project Manager 

Dorsa was part of the Long Bridge Park + Aquatics Facility design team for the 35% Design Development construction document set. This project was a design-build between Coakley Williams Construction and Arlington County, with a fast pace schedule and stern budget. The site is adjacent to an existing park and athletics facility just outside of Washington DC with views overlooking Washington DC's historic landmarks. The site also had several restrictions and regulations as it was previously a capped brown-field with a history of soil contamination. 

Dorsa's primary role was coordination between the project manager, RHI design principal and interdisciplinary design team. She had local RHI ownership of the design documents and final deliverables and was active in the drafting and documentation of the construction set. Part of the unique nature of this design-build project was the use of the 35% Permit Set to begin construction efforts - specifically the first phase of site grading, soil remediation and tree preservation and removal which were part of the completed set by Dorsa and the RHI team. 

Rights to the above graphic documentation are owned by clients and collaborators.

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