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Integrated Surface Water Management Proposal

Collaborator: Czech University of Life Sciences, Czech Technical University  

Clients: Prague Institute of Planning, Czech Republic

Location: Prague, CZ, Berlin, DE, Freiburg, DE

Position: Master Thesis Project

Dorsa's Master Thesis project, "Typological proposals of integrated surface water management (ISWM) for an existing urban housing estate in Prague, Czech Republic based on a series of innovative case studies" was granted the Rector's award and scholarship for the University's top thesis project in 2017 and has since been used by Prague's Institute of Planning as a guideline in the city's framework, policy and approach toward surface water management. The thesis addressed the topic of integrated and decentralized surface water management within the context of urban drainage and community development. Through her work, Dorsa offered an opportunity for Czech planners, policy makers and leaders to reevaluate conventional water management practices in the Czech Republic. 

Her study evaluated existing hydrological conditions of conventional high density urban housing developments and proposed schematic innovative water management techniques and practices with support from in depth case studies of precedents in Berlin and Freiburg, Germany. 

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