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Hydroponic Urban Farm

Collaborator: Private Partners

Location: Miami, FL | 2020

Position: Partner, Project Manager 

Dorsa was brought under a partnership  agreement to develop and launch a Hydroponic Urban Farm in the center of Miami's susceptible food desert. The plan and proposal would have consisted of a 4,300 sf industrial warehouse which would host container farming production. The Hydroponic Urban Farm’s mission was to establish a resilient and innovative source of urban farming and local food production while engaging, empowering and nourishing the local Miami, FL community. Florida. The establishment would offer resistance and food independence for local low to moderate income (LMI) residents, while enhancing how the community views and sources fresh produce both in the public and private sector. The Hydroponic Urban Farm would uphold best management and sustainable practices to promote urban hydroponic agriculture as an alternative to traditionally conservative and ecologically degrading agriculture practices. Dorsa's participation with this development began at concept development and non-profit partnership sourcing and ended at the pre-feasibility study needed to obtain project grand-funding. 

Additional information regarding this project and Dorsa's involvement may be available upon request. 

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