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Hillyer Place Penthouse Rooftop Design

Clients: Private Residence  

Location: Washington, DC | 2020 - 2021

Position: Landscape Designer, Project Manager 

Dorsa worked with the owners of this Dupont, DC Penthouse to create the perfect rooftop oasis - a space to relax with the option to host evening gatherings with views looking out onto Washington DC. Dorsa worked closely with Sogol Décor to curate the furniture and planter selections that would best fit the client's needs. The landscape included native grasses and natural pollinators while keeping the client's low maintenance request in mind.


Dorsa worked closely with the property developer, landscape contractor and irrigation specialist on the implementation phase of this project. She was brought onto the project before roof access was available and helped with the buildout  including gas, water and electrical layouts that would best fit the final look and feel of the design. 

The final product offers a lush sanctuary in the heart of Washington DC, available for use during all 4 seasons with the introduction of a fire pit for the fall and winter as well as a daybed with an integrated overhead canopy for refuge during hot summer afternoons. 

Photography by Dorsa

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