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Centro de Educación Creativa

Collaborator: Centro de Educación Monteverde, Centro de Educación Creativa, AYA Acueductos, University of Maryland, University at Buffalo

Location: Monteverde, Costa Rica | 2014

Position: Landscape Planner under Sustainable Futures, Monteverde Institute of Planning 

This ten week community-design studio in Monteverde, Costa Rica was centered around water systems and sustainable design through an intensive interdisciplinary team of architectural, and landscape architectural students. The campus master plan project at the International Cloud Forest School [Centro de Educación Creativa] specifically addressed the institute’s existing water management and consumption. The project included several site visits, multiple client meetings, as well as stakeholder charrettes with the local community.


The project began with the creation of a campus base map through an intensive site inventory, on site surveying and analysis. The next phase included researching international water systems and innovative design solutions. The 105 page master plan proposal offered both "hard" and "soft" engineering solutions toward rainwater, stormwater, grey-water, and black water use and reuse on campus. The master plan also addressed water scarcity concerns by proposing alternative water sources, outside of the traditional regional aqueducts.

Project Goals Included: 

  • Implementation of sustainable water systems focusing on water quality and quantity through a water systems master plan

  • Creating a sense of identity and organization that will support future campus expansion

  • Supplementing Creativa’s sustainability curriculum with water systems education

  • Promoting the campus as an exemplar campus and as a steward of water in Costa Rica 

Rights to the above graphic documentation are owned by clients and collaborators.

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