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Arlington National Cemetery Southern Expansion

+ Operations Complex 35% Design Submittal

Collaborator: RHI

Clients: HNTB, US Army Corps of Engineers 

Location: Arlington, VA | 2019

Position: Landscape Design Consultant 

Dorsa participated as a consultant to Rhodeside Harwell for the 10-week intensive design submittal for the Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) Southern Expansion + Operations Complex project. In collaboration with select principals and associates from Peter Walker Partners, and RHI's staff, the team put together the design submittal with HNTB Civil Engineers. The multidisciplinary project had an emphasis on land engineering and grading, as well as working hand in hand with the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) to follow strict design and historical guidelines and typologies. 

Dorsa worked with the interdisciplinary design team on the master planning, site engineering, construction details and final deliverables for the design submission. Her focus was on accessibility and grading while maximizing interment potential, and providing adequate canopy coverage. The challenge of eternal projects such as this is planning for future generations and potential changes in land use. Her ability to lead and manage the production set while communicating amongst several teams was integral to the timely completion of this project. 

It was an honor to work on this project with such an inspirational team of scholars and fellows.

Rights to the above graphic documentation are owned by clients and collaborators.

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